PBK-500U 500Kg Unified Gliding Cluster Bomb

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July 31, 2016
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Company: Advanced Modeling - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Advanced Modeling - Website: Visit Site

The PBK-500U glide cluster bomb dispenser (the Russian acronym translates to glide bomb cassette, 500-kg) is a single-use weapon that houses either a single warhead or multiple elements. Unlike the previous generation, the PBK-500U can deploy at longer distances to enable standoff attack capability for tactical aircraft acting against targets with pinpoint anti-aircraft defenses.

Advanced Modeling has come out with a lovely 1/72nd scale set of two bombs for addition to modelers kits of MiG-29, Su-34, or Su-27/30/33/35. The set includes the main bomb bodies as large pieces with a casting block at the bottom. There is a separate casting block which has the pieces for the nose, rear plate and small fins for the four moving parts to the bomb fins. These are very tiny pieces. Removal of the casting block from the main body is delicate. As you can see from the instructions, there are very small outer pivots for the moving tail parts. The casting is perfect and with some time, the parts can be separated and prepared. Glue on the fin parts, the rear plate and the nose piece and you’re ready for paint. I used Xtracolor FS26473. In hind sight, this looks a little light and I would go a couple shades darker when compared to the real thing in the attached photos. Once dry, a wash was added and wiped off and the piece flat coated. There are no decals.

I would recommend this to a person with a little practice with resin and small parts. I think if the fins were molded onto the body (and maybe that is not possible), it would make it easier for less experienced modelers. That being said, it is a wonderful representation of something not offered in any kit I could find. Recommended.

My thanks to Advanced Modeling for the opportunity to review the item and IPMS/USA for the chance to review it.


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