Panzerbefehlswagen 35(t)

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June 26, 2015
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This is the Bronco Models kit of the Panzerbefehlswagen 35(t) and represents command tank version of which there was approximately 20 in service.

There is also a small poster of the vehicle, the same picture as on the front cover.


The kit is complex and is not a surprise as Bronco has a reputation for over-engineering their kits, and if you normally build kits from Dragon or Tamiya, this kit will be a whole lot different. It does contain a lot of very small parts, both styrene and PE, and it will challenge any modeller's patience and skills. That said, I loved the details and amount of thought that went into the build, that are not for use. There are quite a few options during the build. I would suggest going through the instructions before starting the build and marking which options you want to use.

The kit includes:

  • 10 sprues molded in tan styrene
  • 1 separate upper hull
  • 1 slide molded gun barrel
  • 1 separate engine deck
  • 240 track links
  • 2 frets of photo etched parts (1 large and 1 small)
  • 1 decal sheet
  • 1 instruction booklet (mostly black and white with some color).

The build starts with the construction of the interior. The details that go into this kit are great, and it’s a shame that you cannot see more of the details once the kit is completed. The kit has a full interior except for the engine compartment. The amount of molded rivets gives this vehicle that real early war tank feel and look. It is best during the interior build that you paint all the sub-assemblies before installing them.

The location of the injector pin marks are well positioned to hide most of them once all the parts are in place. The interior is very close to the real thing and even the most ardent super detailer will not find much to add to make it more complete.

Bronco even adds a self-adhesive sheet on the back of the Photo Etch sheets, which is a fantastic idea that all suppliers should consider.

Please note that there are many small components. I lost at least three to the carpet monster, and had to make replacement parts.

After the interior, the exterior build is quick and simple except for the tracks which are hard to assemble, but well worth the effort and frustration.

This tank has eight road wheels which are arranged in two bogies of four wheels each on both sides. These are quite complex, and you will need to read the instructions very carefully before gluing anything.

There are a few numbering errors in the instructions, so be sure to check that you have the right parts for the location. I found this error mainly on the larger photo etch sheet.

I did choose the open hatches options to allow some limited view of the well-detailed interior, and this does give the kit a very good look once completed.

Bronco gives options for two vehicles, both in early war Panzer grey color schemes:

  1. Panzer R07, Light Tank platoon of HQ II. Battalion, Pz. Regiment 11, Pz. Brigade 6, 1st Light Division. Poland, September, 1939
  2. Panzer A03, Signal platoon of HQ Pz. Abteilung 65, 6th Panzer Division, France, May-June, 1940.

The version I selected was the second.


This is an excellent model of the Panzerbefehlswagen 35(t), which can be made into a great OOB model. The kit contains a very great level of detail and is well-engineered. The interior really makes a difference, and I for one would like to see this with all AFV kits.

This kit is a complex, frustrating, yet wonderful build that I really enjoyed. I now really am looking forward to building a lot more Bronco kits!


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