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Bob Carruthers
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128 pages with 16 pages of black and white plates
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Panzer Rollen provides an insightful look into the workings of the Military Intelligence Service that was so invaluable in shaping both the strategy and tactics of the Allied forces during the Second World War.

Captured German field manuals translated and published by the US Military Intelligence Division are crucial in offering a perception of the intelligence provided to Allied fighters. The two volumes gathered together in this publication were originally published by the German War Office and therefore are particularly valuable, as they also provide a rare glimpse into the methodology underlying the operation of an armored division from the German perspective. Comprising of two supplementary field manuals, this book is essential reading for any military history enthusiast.

The Author

Bob Carruthers is an Emmy Award - winning author and historian, who has written extensively on the Great War. A graduate of Edinburgh University, Bob is the author of a number of military history titles including the Amazon bestseller The Wehrmacht in Russia.


This publication is broken down into two parts with Part 1 including several chapters, and Part 2 covered by several sections.

  • Part 1 - The German Armored Division.
    • Chapter 1 - Characteristics and Organization
    • Chapter 2 - Role of the Armoured Division
    • Chapter 3 - Employment of The Armoured Division
    • Chapter 4 Components of the Armoured Division
    • Chapter 5 - Reconnaissance
    • Chapter 6 - Movement
    • Chapter 7 - Deployment
    • Chapter 8 - Attack
    • Chapter 9 - Pursuit
    • Chapter 10 - Defence
    • Chapter 11 - Withdrawal from Action
    • Chapter 12 - Special Conditions
    • Chapter 13 - Rest
    • Chapter 14 - Services
  • Part 2 - The German Motorized Infantry Regiment.
    • Section I - Nature and Task of Motorized Infantry
    • Section II - Weapons and their Performance
    • Section III - Influence of Terrain on Movement and Tactics
    • Section IV - Principles of Fire Employment
    • Section V - Principles of Tactical Employment
    • Section VI - Reconnaissance and Observation
    • Section VII - Movement
    • Section VII - Deployment and Detrucking
    • Section IX - Attack
    • Section X - Pursuit
    • Section XI - Defence
    • Section XII - Breaking Contact
    • Section XIII - Fighting Under Special Conditions
    • Section XIV - Rest Period
    • Section XV - Organic Transportation
    • Section XVI - Combat Trains
    • Section XVII - Supply

Each chapter or section includes a brief paragraph on tactics to attack, defend or fighting. Also included are several period images of German armor vehicles and their crews. Most of the images are very clear and offer a bounty of detail for the armor modeler. The material is certainly not exciting reading, however, it is informative for the military history buff.


Although the contents lack a plot and heroic characters it does offer much insight into the German military plans of action for various situations during World War II. See the overview above. It is an interesting and informative read.

Recommended for those interested in learning more about the principles, methodology of operations of the German army military manual. The images contained therein are a very nice feature and will be welcomed by the military modeler for the details contained.

My thanks go out to Casemate Publications and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this publication.


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