Panzer-Regiment 7 Smolensk 1941

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Dragon had just added this Panzer Division set to their already large selection of plastic figure sets. The features of these figures are by far some of the best work I have seen in plastic miniatures. The facial features aren’t as soft like their competitive manufacturers have in this price range, and by far Dragon has some of the best detail, even when compared to some of the higher priced figures.

Included in this kit are three figures and one bonus figure of Generaloberst Guderian, which originally appeared in a kit which consisted of only German Officers. These three figures are contained on two sprues with the General alone being made up of seventeen pieces, which does not include an extra pair of boots if you should desire to use them. There are also two small photo etch sprues, one containing headphones and a throat mike, and the other containing gaskets for three gas cans, which are also included. These are also small bonuses from Dragon mixed in with the figures. The only negative is that the photo etch gaskets did not fit between the cans in the sample I received. There are only two holes that line up to the gas cans where four are needed, and they also seem to be a bit large. They could quite possibly belong to another set of cans. Also, don’t look for a sheet of instructions as Dragon has pictures of the figures on the back of the box with all the parts called out, along with paint numbers that correspond with two paint companies’ releases.

In spite of the photo etch gaskets not fitting, I would still highly recommend these figures to add to your tank and/or diorama for the enhancement of realism to the model. Even though they are suppose to be for a Panzer regiment, it seems they can be used for any early war setting.

My sincere thanks go to Dragon for offering this kit for review and to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it.


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