P-51 Mustang Wheels, Smooth Style (Early Mustangs)

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any 1/48 P-51 Mustang (early)
Company: Ultracast - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Ultracast - Website: Visit Site
Parts Package

The Product

It’s packaged in a simple zip-lock poly sleeve attached to apiece of card-stock sporting a pair of maple leafs. Ultracast has managed to produce a high quality resin casting of the early style Mustang wheels. The rims have the correct spoke pattern and include the valve stem; however, the brake line connection is correct only for the left side, since the pair are from the same mold. It’s not really a big deal and can easily be corrected by simply scraping off the fluid bolt and moving it to mirror the other wheel. I detected no flaws in the quality of the mold or the resins used.

The Bottom Line

Part for part, Ultracast has always had the finest aftermarket parts for the Mustang. These wheels are no different. I recommend these wheels to any true Mustang lover.

My Thanks to Ultracast and to IPMS for allowing me the chance to inspect and review such a fine item.


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