P-51 Mustang Wheels, Diamond Tread

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any 1/48 P-51 Mustang
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A fast way to upgrade any kit is to replace the wheels with some higher quality resin ones. Ultracast has long been a standard for outstanding resin aircraft accessories and updates, with their P-51 items leading the pack. These wheels are for any P-51 kit where the modeler desires a diamond tread.

In The Package

The wheels come on two separate pour stubs, sealed in a Ziploc bag on a card hanger. The parts are completely free of any defect or casting flaw, and the tread pattern is very nicely defined but not overdone. The casting block attaches to the tire where there would be a slight flattening from the weight of the aircraft, but there is no “flat tire bulge.”

Use on the Kit

To use these, simply cut from the casting block and drill an appropriate sized hole to mount them on the landing gear. Just be sure to line up the flat side so that it is flush against the surface the model is sitting on. It’s that simple!

Kit Part Comparison

Since these will be finding their way on a Tamyia P-51, I pulled out the kits wheel to do a quick comparison. The difference is striking. Not only is the tread much better, but there is even a valve stem on the resin parts! Also, being one-piece resin replacements, there is no separate hub to try to fit and fill into the tire part as is needed on the Tamyia parts.


Another simple and very cost effective upgrade from Ultracast. If you spot these at a show or while surfing your favorite vendor site, don’t pass them up! Thanks to IPMS USA for the chance to review these and Ultracast for supplying the sample!


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