P-47 Thunderbolt "Bubbletop"

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Robert Peczkowski, Illustrated by Artur Juszczak
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B5 Format; 160-pp (128 in colour); 1/72, 1/48 & 1/32 scale plans
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Yellow Series #6123
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The P-47 “Thunderbolt” went through a major design upgrade in 1943, when its canopy and back fuselage was modified to be a “bubbletop”. Based on the information in the book the ‘inspiration’ for this modification was the RAF Hawker Typhoon.

This book covers all the “bubbletop” production variants from P-47D-25 to the final version, the P-47N, including all the related prototypes.

The first section of the book is dedicated to technical details on each prototype and production variants. There are plenty of historical pictures for each variant including foreign operators and post war operators and even a few historical color pictures too.

The second part of the book is a “walk around” of different P-47 preserved in museums. The walk around is neatly organized by “fuselage”, “tails”, “landing gear”, “engine”, etc.

Finally the book has artist’s color profiles for 38 airplanes. Some of the drawings are only side views, but others include top views as well. The color profiles shows the markings of the USAAF, several Air National Guards, and several foreign operators like RAF, Italian AF, Mexican AF, Nicaraguan AF, Iranian AF, Ecuadorian AF, Yugoslavian AF, Chinese AF among others.

Through the pages of the book 1/72 scale line drawings are included. As a bonus, the book has 1/48 and 1/32 scale line drawings in separate fold out sheets.

This is the “2ndEdition” of the book, which says it is “expanded” but as I don’t have the 1stedition, I cannot tell which sections have been expanded.

Modelers will find very useful the walk around and line drawings, while the color profiles are a source of inspiration for future builds. Recommended to all “Jug” enthusiasts.

I would like to thank Mushroom Publications and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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