P-40 M/N Warhawk Exhaust and Radiator Flaps

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January 9, 2022
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QB 72 306
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Academy P-40
Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
Kitset package

Quickboost’s line of after market exhaust options just keeps on growing. The latest addition is for the Academy P-40. It is up to their usual standards; molded in a cream colored resin, smooth, seamless and bubble free. One thing of note is that they are really easy to remove from the mold block with just a few passes of the hobby saw. Another plus is that the exhausts are bored out, which would be a real pain if you tried to do it on the kit part. One thing I’ve noticed about Quickboost is that you’re not able to tell very easily if the after market part is for the kit on the label or a conversion part to change another kit to the one stated on their package. I believe this is the case here.

When I got the required kit from the stash (Academy P-40M/N) and started looking at the Quickboost instruction sheet I noticed that the nose area that was to be cut out looked an awful lot like the nose area of a P-40E. Luckily enough I also have the Academy P-40E kit so I checked the nose in it and it was perfect to the instructions. This Quickboost part isn’t just a drop in to have better looking exhausts like so many of their other offerings are, this one comes with a rectangular piece so you can cut out the exhaust area from the E model and convert it to a M/N.

The exhausts that come in the Academy kit look alright and would make an acceptable model but the Quickboost replacements are superior because they are bored out, which makes for more realism, especially in a photo. The dilemma is that Academy does make both the E and M/N kits, but if you only had the E kit and were unable to get your hands on the M/N, and then you would be able to convert the E to an M/N. I decided to go ahead and put the exhaust into the already correct spot on the M/N kit, and it fit perfectly and really made for a nice look.

This Quickboost set also comes with the radiator flaps which look really great and just fit right in where the Academy part goes.

I highly recommend this product if you want a really superior looking model. Whether you use it on the E model to convert it or if you just use the exhaust nozzles to get that great look of having them bored out. Thanks to Quickboost, Aires Hobby Models and IPMS USA for the chance to do this review.


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