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Special Hobby 1/32 P-39D
Provided by: Yellow-Wings Decals
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Yellow-Wings Decals have again filled another gap with this release of the U.S.A.A.C. P-39D Headquarters Aircraft 31st, Pursuit Group, Carolina Maneuvers of 1941. According to Yellow-Wings the 31st Pursuit Group were made up of the 39th, 40th and the 41st Pursuit Squadrons. Even though each squadron had their own color markings: 39th Red, 40th Yellow and 41st White, it was the general practice to incorporate all of these colors and have them painted on the spinner or cowl which is printed on the decal sheet. Other markings on this sheet include our National Insignias, fuselage stripes and wing walk stripes. The 31st pursuit Group Icon and numbers are also included.

Also contained in their package are drawings of the P-39D aircraft, which show the locations of the decals on the aircraft and another sheet with the instructions for the recommended way to lay them down.

The quality of these decals is simply awesome. The decals are in perfect registry and the colors seem to be right on. Neither have I seen anywhere on this sheet where the dark background colors show through. The Micro Scale method is recommended and as with my many previous experiences with Yellow-Wings Decals, the decals looked as if they were painted on when done properly. Therefore, I see no reason to think that these wouldn’t be the same.

These decals are MOST HIGHLY recommended for any level of experience and they are priced within reach of just about anyone. The quality of these decals is definitely worth the price. The suggested model kit is the Special Hobby 1/32 P-39D but I see no reason why these decals wouldn’t fit any other 1/32 P-39-D.

My thanks go out to Yellow-Wings Decals for supplying these decals for review and to IPMS/USA for having me review them.


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