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32004 and 32005
Base Kit
KittyHawk 1/32 OV-10A/B
Company: AOA Decals - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: AOA Decals - Website: Visit Site
32-004 Cover

NOTE: This review covers two decal sheets. The stencil decal, 32005 has a MSRP of $12.50. It can be found on the AOA website at: http://www.aoadecals.com/32005/home.htm.

AOA (Angle of Attack) decals: New on the block, and focusing on Marine Air … We sincerely appreciate this new decal manufacturer sending IPMS/USA their latest releases for review! (…and the usual thanks also to IPMS USA Reviewer corps leadership for sending these my way.. )

The two sheets being reviewed were provided in the same package; I don’t know if this is the common delivery method.

This (32-004) sheet covers a total of 21 different options for the OV-10A/B as flown by Marine and Navy Air in Vietnam. Included with this sheet was the stencil set, 32-005, which includes propeller warning markings, ejection triangles, etc…

Options include for 32-004 (from AOA’s Website):

  • One option for VMO-6 “Cherry Six” at Quang Tri, South Vietnam (1969)
  • Two options (1 aircraft) for VS-41 Shamrocks at Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island, California USA (1969/1971)
  • 18 options (11 aircraft) for VAL-4 Black Ponies at Vung Tau and Binh Thuy, South Vietnam (1969-72)

Decals also included for VAL-4 crew helmets and two styles of sharkmouth for fuel tank/gun pod. Helmet decals also included for VS-41.

And the enclosed stencil sheet (32-005) had the following (From AOA’s website):

This sheet provides complete OV-10A Bronco airframe stencils for one aircraft in the original Marines and Navy Field Green over Light Gull Grey camouflage scheme, and is also applicable to the overall Light Gull Grey camouflage scheme used by the Navy.

Option to use 1 piece wing walkway decal or separate WALKWAY decals if preference is for painted walkway.

Multiple styles of various common markings provided:

  • Three variations of PROPELLER
  • Two variations of DANGER EXHAUST
  • Three variations of the DANGER ejection seat triangles
  • Five variations of the NO STEP NO GRIP warnings
  • Two variations of propeller stenciling (one black, one white)
  • Two variations of the painted exhaust mask
  • Three variations of the fuel filler cap markings

Includes the correct number of fuel tank markings (5) - the Kitty Hawk kit represents only the four wing tanks.

In addition to the standard airframe stenciling, the sheet also includes tire slip markings, centerline fuel tank NO STEP stencils, LW-3B ejection seat markings, and full sponson and wing pylon stenciling.

As a review item, I was very impressed with the decal quality and performance on the model. All stencils are readable, and the accuracy and level of fideilty to color and density was as good as it gets. The white markings did not allow background colors to show through… and the various color areas were opaque to the point they did not need any white backing (such as small lettering).

The airframe markings were not used on the review model I just finished; however, the stencil sheet was (as I had used the USMC markings on that particular aircraft.). That review is on a separate submission.

All in all a great Package from AOA decals, 10 of 10 for subject, presentation, and performance!


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