Outrider Mosquito F.II & FB.IVs - 333 Sqn

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1/32 Mosquito F2/F6
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Aviaeology describes themselves on their EBay store as producers of well researched books, decals, decals 'n docs sets, and docs primarily for scale aircraft model makers who work in 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, and 1/72 scales. This is a great description of Aviaeology as they produce first rate decals with exhaustive research and all geared towards modelers.

This set covers 333 Squadron of Mosquito F.II’s and FB.VI’s from 1943-45 and specifically covers 8 different airframes. They are:

  • Mosquito F.II DZ700 - Luechars, Summer 1943
  • Mosquito F.II DZ744 - Luechars, May 1943 to 20 April 1944
  • Mosquito F.VI HP864 - June to December 1944
  • Mosquito F.VI HP904 - May to December 1944
  • Mosquito F.VI HR116 - May to November 1944
  • Mosquito F.VI HP569 - December 1944 to February 1945
  • Mosquito F.VI HP129
  • Mosquito F.VI RF769

Each of these profiles has the necessary decals noted but also the history of the plane including its eventual outcome and also specific modelers notes on things such as exhaust types, wheel types, propeller types and much more. Each profile also has two sets of boxes on the pictures- one covers decal placement while the other covers specific notes regarding the plane itself. This detail covers four sides of the eight page instruction sheet.

The remaining pages are detailed information about the weapons (bombs and depth charges), a photo gallery of the planes in service, a page covering the Gee radar used on these planes to track ships and subs and lastly, a page covering the colors used on Coastal Command Mosquitoes. All of these pages have lots of useful information about their subject which allow the modeler to provide more detail if that’s their choice.

There are two remaining sheets of documentation. First is a full sheet describing the preparation and application of the decals. Lastly, there is a chit for a registered full color PDF covering all documentation in full color. ail The most recently produced documentation allows for the viewer to “zoom in” on-screen, up to 800 to 1600%! No more guessing about placement as you can zoom in and check. This is a significant aid to the modeler in making sure that the orientation of the decal is correct when applied to the model. The PDF documentation represents a considerable amount of research by Aviaeology and is protected under various copyright laws, so a sample of this documentation is not included in this review

There are two standard sized decal sheets included with the needed markings and codes for the planes. There is a separate small decal sheet containing the Norwegian flag which shows on HR116 and is noted that it was painted on many squadron aircraft.

Another first class set of decals with unparalleled research. Highly recommended. My thanks to everyone at Aviaeology for the chance to review this set. Visit their E-bay store to get a set.


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