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February 20, 2015
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This resin set consist of ten parts. These wall supports are what you see on older brick buildings that holds the internal framing to the outside walls. They will also work of stucco exterior buildings.

These parts come separated and with very minimal clean up needed. I had to clean off some flash on a couple supports, maybe 5 minutes of work. There were air bubbles blemishes on three of the parts. Two has an air bubble on the end of the bolt and the “S” bracket had two bubbles on the S part of the support. I was able to fill these with a little super glue and sanded it smooth. The two in the bolt heads I left along, since they are hard to see.

I was really impressed with the detail on the star and the “H” u-channel support. I used a little blue tack to secure them to a plastic sheet for priming and painting.

These would be great for dioramas of any European city. They could be easily added to an existing kit or used as rubble.

I would like to tank Add On Parts and IPMS for the chance to review these nice little supports.


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