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Lifelike Decals has produced a 1/48thscale Mustang sheet for four aircraft that I have not seen before, except “American Beauty, possibly. I’m certainly no expert on every decal sheet that has been previously released, but they all look new to me. The instruction sheet says they are designed for the Tamiya kit. All four aircraft are natural metal, with three of them from the European Theater and one from Okinawa.

The first aircraft is P-51D-15-NA flown by Captain John Voll of the 308thFS in Italy in 1944. These markings are for his aircraft after his 21stkill in November of 1944.

Captain Raymond Wetmore’s P-51D-10-NA, “Daddy’s Girl” at the time when the aircraft was being repainted, and the kill markings were being moved from the canopy frame to the fuselage.

P-51-10-NA of the 335th FS flown by Captain Ted Lines out of Debden is the third aircraft on the sheet. This aircraft is a very colorful one due to the Navaho Indian motif that Captain Lines used for his “Thunder Bird” personal markings.

The last of the P-51’s is “Mrs. Bonnie, a P-51DK-10-NT flown by Lt. Col. Bill Dunham of the 348thFG in Shima/Okinawa at the end of WWII. There are several unusual markings on this aircraft, and it, too, is colorful.

Though there are four great aircraft depicted in this offering, there are only enough stencils for one aircraft. A separate sheet is provided to show the positioning of the forty plus stencils. Included are manufacturer decals for both Hamilton Standard and Aeroproducts propeller. All of the markings are super thin, with a minimum amount of carrier film on the edges. Everything looks to be perfectly in register.

Thanks to Lifelike Decals and IPMS/USA for the review samples.


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