North American B-25B, C, and D Mitchell Decals

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Iliad Designs is a company based in Ottawa Canada. They offer decals, aircraft color charts, and publications. This time around we’ll take a look at their decal sheet for the B-25B, C, and D models. There are five different aircraft represented on this sheet. My modification comments are based on using the Airfix B-25 (kit # A06015). See my separate review of that kit on this site.

  1. B-25B with the 3rd Antisubmarine Squadron, based in Wendover Mass., in 1942. No modifications are needed that are not included in the kit.
  2. B-25C advanced training unit based in Colombia SC in 194 The kit has everything needed to build this version.
  3. Screaming Meemie from the 487 BS, 340 BG based in Sicily in late 194 This version will require cutting in some additional gun positions on the fuselage sides. A small reference photo shows where the gun positions were located. Some minor surgery is needed to open the positions. The kit does have an unused machine gun but you’ll have to resort to the spares bin for another.
  4. B-25C “Fat Cat” is a retired combat machine retrofitted to haul supplies. Based in Dobodura New Guinea in mid-1943, this version requires closing off the upper turret. There is no plug for that provided in the base kit.
  5. B-25D is an RCAF Mitchell stationed in Boundry Bay, British Colombia in 194 This version also requires blanking off the upper turret opening.

The Decals are of excellent quality, perfectly printed in register with good color density. I tested one of the roundels I wouldn’t be using on a sharply curved spare part and it confirmed beautifully. You can use decal solvent on these but be careful not disturb them until they are dry. The Airfix Mitchell has very fine panel lines and rivets. The decals settled right into them with ease. The instructions included are helpful with side and plan views were appropriate. There are also color callouts for each of the versions including details like prop colors and deicing boots. Don’t discard the kit decals as you will need the stencils since they are not part of this sheet. This is an excellent product that delivers some interesting versions of the B-25. Thank You to Iliad Designs for the decal sample and to IPMS for this and the Airfix kit to put them on.


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