North American B-25 Mitchell Decals, Part 4

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Airfix B-25C/D and Hasegawa B-25J
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Lifelike Decals from Japan is one of those hidden gems people need to hear more about. With a large selection in the most popular scales, they have decals for WWII era planes from Japan, Europe and the US. This set covers Part 4 for the B-25C/D/J in 1/72 scale and is meant for the Airfix B-25C/D and Hasegawa B-25J. The first two markings are for the famous Air Apaches of the 345th BG.

Inside the package, there a three small decals sheets covering the roundels and markings for four aircraft. The decals are a mixture of Cartograf and Microscale which is great. A separate page has information on the roundels used at specific times. There is a profile page containing the instructions and details about the four planes represented. Lastly is the cover with the top and bottom profiles and a detailed reference page.

The sheet covers four aircraft:

  • B-25D-15-NC, BuNo. 41-30669 “Chow Hound”, “fat cat” of 345th BG, Blak Island, Philippines December 1944
  • B-25D-15-NC, BuNo. 41-30606 “Chow Hound Junior”, “fat cat” of 345th BG, Clark Field, Philippines
  • B-25J-5-NC, Probably BuNo. 43-28016 “Male Call”, 390th BS 42nd BG Sansapor, New Guinea 1945
  • B-25J-20-NC, BuNo. 44-29509 “My Buck”, 17th RS, 71st RG, Lingayen, Philippines, February to July 1945

In summary, beautifully printed decals of four interesting subjects with superb references and tips for model builders. Plus, decals made by Microscale and Cartograf. Highly recommended to fans of the B-25 and any modeler wanting a great looking kit with colorful markings in their collection.

My thanks to Lifelike Decals for the opportunity to review this great set.


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