North American A-36A Apache

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Przemyslaw Skulski
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Softcover, 128 pages, b&w and color photos, color profiles
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Yellow Series #6130

The latest issue in MMP’s ever-expanding “Yellow” series is specifically dedicated to the North American A-36A Apache.

The first 47 (out of 128) pages of this book are a mixture of text and photos describing the development and combat experiences of the A-36. The first few chapters cover the design and development of the A-36. The following chapters are each dedicated to an individual combat theater in which the “Apache” was deployed. Usage in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and the Far East are covered. 2 pages are specifically dedicated to a history of the only A-36 ace, Captain Michael Russo. After this, there is a brief discussion of the British evaluation (and subsequent rejection) of the aircraft. The final portion of this section is a technical description of the A-36A-1-NA which includes several photos and technical drawings from the official Technical Manual for the aircraft.

The 2nd half of the book, delineated by light blue colored pages, is filled with photos and profiles. First in this section are 4 pages of wartime color photos, followed by 58 pages titled “detailed photos.” In here you will find photos, mostly of restored warbirds and museum aircraft, covering every aspect of the A-36. Detail photos of the aircraft abound – everything from the cockpit to the landing gear and the dive brakes. The author provides a bibliography listing over 20 sources of additional resources. Finishing off the book are 18 pages of very well done color profiles. In addition there is a fold-out insert that has 1/48 and 1/32 scale plans (1/72 plans are included within the first section of the book).

This is definitely a worthwhile addition to your library. There are tons of clear photos (including some from the author’s collection) that will provide excellent detailing information, and the color profiles will certainly provide some modeling inspiration. Whole-heartedly recommended!

Thanks to MMP Books for the sample and to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it.


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