Nieuport XVII Landing Gear & V-Main Struts (CSM)

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Scale Aircraft Conversions offers a set of white metal aftermarket parts for the Copper State Models Nieuport XVII. You can find information about the Copper State kit at As with other SAC offerings this set of landing gear struts and V-wing struts are white metal and are true to the detail found on the CSM parts that are to be replaced.

Reviews of the CSM kit do not contain any negative comments about the quality of the undercarriage and wing struts. So, why, you ask, is there a need to replace those parts with white metal parts? Experience indicates that even the best injection molded undercarriage parts tend to allow for some “wobble”, allowing for some flexibility in those parts. And there is always the often-experienced occasion in which the undercarriage parts and wing struts snap due to rough handling or travel damage. While the injection parts may have excellent detail, they simply do not have the strength and durability of SAC’s white metal parts. It is a personal preference when I attempt a project involving a WWI aircraft in 32nd scale, based on experience especially with 32nd scale kits, that I invest in a SAC product to replace the gear and often the wing struts,.

SAC products do not require instructions for their use. This is due to the fact that the SAC parts are identical to those that the kit manufacturer supplies, and therefore, can be installed in the same procedures and steps found in the kit instructions. The packaging is sturdy and offers the buyer an excellent view of the parts.

I’ve found SAC parts in every hobby shop I’ve visited in the last few years as well as some of the large chain stores that appeal to hobbyists of all types, whether those hobbies are related to plastic models or more “craft” oriented. The SAC website is easy to navigate should one wish to buy the product online.

This product is highly recommended based on a considerable experience using SAC parts of a large number of WWI aircraft, a reasonable price, and excellent detail and quality of the white metal parts. Thanks to SAC for making this item available to IPMS for review.


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