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ALC306, ALC309
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ALC306 Bottle White Primer & Microfiller

ALC309 Bottle Black Primer & Microfiller

Never resting on his laurels (or whatever else he might call them), Tony Hipp, inventor of Alclad II, does it yet again. As I have stated in several “how to” articles on this product, I couldn’t stress enough the subject of surface preparation prior to applying the metal finishes. If any sanding scratches were present, they would require a base coat of a primer with filling capabilities, then sanding and polishing so that in the case of the “high shine colors”, a gloss black primer could be applied, followed by whatever finish coat was desired. These new offerings cut down on the workload substantially, in that these primers may be applied, sanded and polished to the desired sheen and followed by any of the Alclad II metal finish coats, thus eliminating one or two full steps and drying time.

The black is excellent when polished for chrome, stainless or polished aluminum and the white is excellent for any other color that would require a light colored under base. (By varying the primer colors through panel masking, one can see amazing results when over-sprayed with just a single shade of Alclad II. The effects are subtle, but are gratifying.) I used the white primer on the Fisher 1/32nd scale RB-51 racer, which requires brilliant red and white lacquer finish coats, with great results.

I would like to personally thank Tony for all the support he has given to IPMS over the years, and wish him continued success. Keep up the great work! Visit the website at


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