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PJ Production is a Belgian company that is self-described as a company who specializes in the creation and production of resin scale models and accessories aimed at amateurs of military aircraft kits and aviation-related dioramas in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scale.

This is my first PJ Production product and overall, I found it to be a very nice resin figure. Included in the set is the pilot figure with separate arms, oxygen hose, and two helmet / hand options representing two styles of aviation helmets. The manufacturer includes a photo of the back side of the pilot figure to aid your painting the figure. The figure is molded in a light grey and has very fine detail although I did find several obvious pinholes in the resin. I quickly filled them in with my favorite resin filler made by Bondo. It is a very fine two-part glazing and spot putty that dries lightning quick and sands very well. (Bondo #801). Unfortunately, I missed the rather large pin hole on the chin of the pilot so I just opted to flood with paint while painting the face.

The figure fit together very well and I as per my normal resin preference pinned all the parts utilizing very small brass rods. This included the hand to arm and oxygen hose to helmet joints. You may notice the small bit of filler on the one arm joint, but PJ Production is NOT to blame, I allowed the arm to move a bit while the epoxy was still soft. Otherwise, this is a filler free model.

The walking NATO figure will make a fine addition to any NATO aircraft vignette. My thanks to PJ Productions and IPMS USA for allowing me to review this product.


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