Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate Decals, Part 2

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Base Kit
1/48 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (Frank)
Company: Lifelike Decals - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Lifelike Decals - Website: Visit Site
Decal Set Packaging

Lifelike Decals has long been known for their high quality, limited edition decal releases. The decals come in the customary clear plastic zip bag, and inside you will find two full color, single sided pages with color callouts, decal placement guides, references, and a ton of historical information on each aircraft covered. Not to mention the decals themselves. This release contains one standard size decal sheet with markings for five WWII Imperial Japanese Army Ki-84 Hayate “Frank” fighters. Decals are perfectly printed, clear, and in register.

**Just a note to the buyer – when you’re doing a search to purchase these, you may see some decals labeled for the “Japanese Edition” and some for the “English Edition”. The difference here is the language of the instructions. If you don’t read Japanese and are interested in getting the wealth of historical data written about each aircraft, be sure to look for the English one!

This is a wonderful decal sheet containing markings for five different Hayate fighters. You get Hinamaru markings for one aircraft only, but the smaller markings for all five aircraft.

  • Aircraft 1
    • Lt. Shuho Yarnana, Army Transport Unit, 2nd Hikotai, Ohta AB/Gunma Pref. Fall 1944
    • This one is for you if you’re up for a painting challenge! Dark green blotches over a natural metal finish with a white tiger on the tail of the aircraft.
  • Aircraft 2
    • Corporal Hajime Shimizu, 57th Shinbu-tai, Shimodate AB/Ibaraki Pref. May 17, 1945
    • This aircraft has a stylized “57” on the tail. Decals are included for these markings in both white outline, and in black with yellow.
  • Aircraft 3
    • Lt. Col. Yukiyoshi Wakamatsu, leader 2nd Chutai, 85th Sentai, Hankou AB/China December 18, 1944
    • Markings for this aircraft are a white bordered red fuselage band, and a red tail marking with white kanji character.
  • Aircraft 4
    • 10th Fighter Training Hikoutai, Kita-Ise AB, August 1945
    • No pilot information given, but this unique aircraft carries white tail markings, and a “53” on the fuselage.
  • Aircraft 5
    • W.O. Yojiro Obusa, 50th Sentai, 1st Chutai, PhnornPenh AB/Indo-China April 1945
    • This is another colorful Frank with a white fuselage band, red spinner and a red lightning bolt on the tail/fuselage.

I highly recommend this decal sheet for anyone interested in WWII Japanese aircraft, or the Hayate in general. Lifelike has done a great job of giving the modeler all of the information needed to build one of the aircraft shown by listing their references. They have done all of the research so we can just build!

The only down side to this sheet is that it is indeed a limited edition, and once they are sold out, they are gone for good. Avoid future regret and pick up a copy today! Lifelike decals can be difficult to find here in the US, but a quick internet search should provide some vendors.

Thank you to Lifelike for supplying the review sample!

Available through Hobby Link Japan.


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