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A.MIG 2101, 2104 and 2204
Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site

Ammo by Mig Jimenez is expanding their line of acrylic diorama products with these products; Dry Earth Ground #2101, Dark Mud Ground #2104 and Slow River Waters #2204. These products come in a large mouth, 250ml plastic bottle. The Dry Earth Ground is a tan, gritty paste like it has fine sand in it. The Dark Mud Ground is a dark brown, smooth paste. The Slow River Waters is a slimy green gel. The bottle says you can pour this, but it seems way too thick to do that. Here are the descriptions from Ammo’s website to explain each product better:

Mud: “Until now, many other brands have created products to imitate mud, based in acrylic resins, they create unrealistic uniform textures. Most are based on repackaged fine arts products and sold to modelers at a very high price. AMMO has created the definitive mud product for modelling, with a unique and very different formula that provides a truly natural and realistic texture, accurately depicting real mud. In addition, this new mud product can be mixed with a variety of natural materials, such as branches, earth, or stones, to create amazing effects. This mud product offers ultra-realistic colors, with authentic sheen and tonal aspects. And if this was not enough, the price is also real and not out of scale, as it offers more product at a lower cost. Compare with antiquated and expensive methods and you will be amazed!”

Water: “This product has been specifically formulated to realistically represent any kind of water, such as oceans, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and even icy surfaces. This reference has a color suitable to depict slow streaming rivers with large amounts of organic matter and silt. The translucent finish is perfect to achieve a depth effect as well as a realistic water color. The product is thick enough to be poured onto all kinds of surfaces, even slopes. The slow drying time makes it possible to model moving water, like waterfalls, rough seas, waves, etc. with no pressure. It can be mixed with other products of the same range or small amounts of acrylic paint to slightly alter the color without turning opaque. It can be diluted either with water or acrylic thinner to change the consistency. Begin by painting the water feature in your color of choice. Once dry, apply the gel with a palette knife or another similar tool. You can model the surface while it dries using old brushes, sculpting tools, toothpicks, etc. We recommend applying the product in thin layers to achieve a better overall effect and finish.

The product is odorless and dries in 24 hours. Tools can be easily cleaned with water. This range of products has been specially formulated for modeling, so it doesn´t have unnatural colors like some Arts & Crafts products on the market. Once dry, the results are colors matching those found in nature to add an authentic and realistic touch to your dioramas. We have produced a selection of the most usual water shades, avoiding unnecessary tones and thus facilitating the job of the modeler.”

I decided to do a little demo, so I got a piece of foam and sealed it with white Mod Plodge. When that was total dry, I used a ¼ inch paint brush to apply each product. I rinsed the brush under running warm water between products. The muds spread easily like a thick paint. The water set up in a few minutes and I was able to make waves with this paint brush. I sprinkled on some diorama grass while the mud was still wet. It stuck well and not much came off after drying. It took about two hours for the muds to dry, but the water took about a day since it was about ½ inch thick. I think it would work better to apply thin layers of this water. There were a few bubble marks that needed a tiny bit more mud to cover up. After drying, the product can be cut trimmed easily and become semi hard.

I really like the easy at using this product. It makes for creating fast and great look bases or dioramas. There are six acrylic muds and seven acrylic waters in Ammo’s line. I included two scans from their catalog listing these lines.

I would like to thank Ammo by Mig Jimenez and IPMS for the chance to use and reviews these awesome products.


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