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July 8, 2011
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I have been aware of the company Iliad Design for many years based on their very interesting line of Aircraft Color Charts. I have a few of their sets covering some unique areas – Polish Aircraft, French Aircraft, Condor Legion etc.

I had not been aware that they also produce decals. Upon checking out their web site, I found several interesting sets of decals. Most of them are 1/48 scale but they also have a pleasing selection of 1/72 decals.

The subject of this review is their latest 1/72 scale release. It covers the following;

  • B-24 H-1, “Nine Yanks and a Jerk”, flown by Jimmy Stewart
  • B-17 F-30, “Delta Rebel No. 2”. Clark Gable flew in this aircraft as a waist gunner.
  • P-40 N, “Miss Kathleen II”, flown by Dan Rowan. He was shot down in this aircraft.
  • F9F Panther of VMF-311. Ted Williams flew this airplane when he was hit by ground fire.

This sheet offers modelers a great chance to build some models that celebrate the contributions of these stars. They probably could have gotten out of any active service but instead chose to serve their country. This is the second sheet of this type issued by Iliad. The first sheet, Stars in the Sky, covers other aircraft associated with Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable as well as aircraft associated with Sabu (the elephant boy) and Gene Roddenberry.

I have not yet used these decals but they appear to be thin and should conform well to surface details. The colors are rich and correct and the register is spot on. I have a P-40 N that I plan to build soon and love the Dan Rowan markings. The directions provide color side views and upper surface drawings of all of the aircraft.

I would like to thank Iliad Design for providing the sample. They can be obtained directly from the manufacturer as well as from various hobby shops. The Iliad web site provides a list of sources for their products. This sheet is well recommended.


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