Modellers Datafile 17 The BAe RAF Harrier

Published on
July 22, 2011
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Andy Evans
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128 pages – full colour
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MDF 17
Provided by: SAM Publications
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This is another fine publication in this now well established series. This reviewer has collected several volumes in the series and this issue is indeed an improvement over earlier volumes in the series and is simply superb. Whereas earlier titles devoted a number of pages to obscure sometimes one-off experimental variants of the subject aircraft type, the more recent volumes have skipped the pedantic overview of the type’s development in favor of more thorough coverage of standard in-service variants including detailed walk around photos and operational history. Another welcome improvement is that this volume is printed in full color.

The soft cover book consists of 128 pages and covers the type in RAF service from the GR.1 to GR.9 as well as some brief coverage of development variants. What really stands out in this volume is the great photography. There are numerous detail photos, a good number of operational photographs and some coverage of historical highpoints such as the GR.3’s use in the Falklands War. The volume also features color profiles and a set of scale plans.

No doubt this publication is tailored for the modeler. In addition to all the great detail photos for use with a long term project, there are several build articles and a listing of models and accessories currently available. The build articles cover super detailed and out of the box projects and cater to all skill levels.

This is a superb publication. This reviewer is quite pleased with the form that the series has now taken and considers this to be a positive step in its evolution. This volume is highly recommended for anyone generally interested in the type whereas earlier titles in the series were better suited for experts on the type looking for more obscure information on the aircraft.

My sincere thanks to SAM Publications and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this excellent book.


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