Modeler’s Guide to Aftermarket Aircraft Decals

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February 10, 2020
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Jay Sherlock
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861 pages with sample decal sheet illustrations on CD format
Company: Aero Research - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aero Research - Website: Visit Site
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Ever wonder if there was ever a decal made for a particular aircraft by a particular company? Then this CD is for you! Totaling 861 pages of information, this CD lists aircraft decals from 1960 through late 2017. Did they miss any? Probably but they do promise updates as more information becomes available. The amount of research and work involved here is staggering.

The CD-book begins with a table of contents listing every decal maker they have found. These are listed alphabetically and cover 6 pages.

Next comes the explanation of the listings, giving you the name of the manufacturer, Home country, is the manufacturer active, inactive or out of print, explanatory material, scale, stock number, sheet title and finally aircraft types if not contained in the title.

The next 838 pages contain the list of all the manufacturers and their decal sheets. Sample sheets are placed throughout these pages. Just to be clear there is not a picture of every single decal sheet as then this would have had thousands of pages. Only some representative examples are place on these pages.

Lastly there is an appendix that contains contact information on the active decal makes when known.

If you ever are looking for a decal sheet for your aircraft model regardless of scale, this is the place to start. This is as comprehensive a listing as is known to exist anywhere and represents many, many hours of research. It is of course dated when published but they do plan updates as more information and new sheets become known. And even so there is currently 47 years’ worth of decal information contained within this CD. It is a must have for any aircraft builder or decal collector. It will provide you with lots of great information. The CD can be ordered off the website above or via the postal service.

Our thanks to Aero Research for the review copy and my thanks to IPMS/USA for the review opportunity


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