Model Art Vessel Model Special No. 58, 2015 Winter

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Softbound, A4 [8.27” x 11.69:], 136 pages
Company: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Model Art - Website: Visit Site

Model Art Issue 920 is typical of other Model Art magazines in that it is written entirely in Japanese, with occasional English words, usually in article titles or in captions. The Vessel Model Special is a quarterly issue that focuses on naval subjects. Advertising comprises the inside covers (and back cover) along with another 4 pages showing what is available and new, always useful for building up that wish list. I counted 410 photos (mostly in color) along with 21 side view or top view drawings. Additionally there are a lot of scrap drawings highlighting details.

The Feature article is on two builds of a 1/350 IJN Shimakaze that goes for twenty-one pages. After a 1 page build of a 1/20 anime figure, you’ll find eighteen pages of three different build-ups in 1/700 scale. Next up is a six page build of a modern day JMSDF Missile Destroyer, DDG-172 Shimakaze. The Shimakaze section finishes with six pages of period photos, profiles and scrap drawings.


  • IJN Destroyer Shimakaze 1/350
  • Anime figure 1/20
  • IJN Destroyer Shimakaze 1/700
  • JMSDF DDG-172 Simakazee 1/700
  • UJN High Speed Destroyer Shimakazee
  • Tamiya Amatsukaze 1/350
  • Hasegawa Yukikaze 1/350
  • Hasegawa Hamakaze 1/350
  • IJN Destroyer Take 1/700
  • USS Cooper DD-695 1/700
  • Battle of Ormoc Bay
  • US Navy Destroyers
  • RMS Mauretania 1/600
  • IJN Cruiser 1/100
  • New Kit Selection
  • USS West Virginia BB-48, 1945, 1/700
  • Yokosuka Naval Base, 1/3000
  • IJN Kirishima 1942 Updated Edition, 1/350
  • Passenger Ships of Japan
  • Color of Japan Defense Ship, Part 6
  • Wooden Ship Model Style, Volume 6, Number 4
  • [Detail study of naval rudders and propellers]
  • Revell Archives #43: USS DeLong Destroyer Escort, 1/300
  • Show Report

I find the Model Art magazines useful, even though I don’t read Japanese. The pictures of the built up models, articles showing the build process, painting features, and historical photography all provide useful information. Model Art magazines are available from Dragon Models USA’s many retailers and from various overseas retailers, such as Hobby Link Japan, Hobby Search 1999 Models, and Lucky Model.

My thanks to Model Art and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this great book.

Highly recommended!


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