Model Art Profile, #10, Kawasaki T-4 of JASDF

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October 4, 2011
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Kawasaki T-4 of the JASDF and T-33A, T-1A/B is the newest book in the series of “Profiles” by Model Art. This is #10 in the series and is just as good as the rest.

This softbound book contains 136 pages and is jammed packed with color photos, line drawings, and color profiles of the aircraft.

As you would imagine the main focus of this book is the Japanese Kawasaki T-4 Trainer. It is covered here in photo detail, and this book will be a great help to anyone building one of the Hasegawa kits. The first 16 pages are full color images of different units operating the T-4. Many of these are very colorful – including the Blue Impulse demonstration team. Pages 18-26 contain some background and development information on the T-4. While the vast majority of the text in this book is in Japanese, these pages have an English translation at the back of the book!

Pages 33-60 contain wonderful detail images of the T-4: Covering everything from the overall outer details of the aircraft; to landing gear; to the cockpit; and even some open hatches, with internal components shown. Overall a great “walk around” of images for the model builder.

The next pages contain some color profiles, and even more photos of aircraft with individual units in the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF). What is great about these Model Art Profile books is that they also contain images and helpful hints toward building a model. This book is no different. There are pages here on how to detail either the 1/72 or 1/48 Hasegawa kits. Even if you cannot read Japanese, these images will be helpful to the modeler.

The nice surprise about Profile #10 is that it also contains information on the Japanese T-33 and the T-1 Trainer. BOTH of these aircraft are also covered in this volume with color detail images, color profiles, and modeling sections. Admittedly the section of the book dealing with the T-4 is much larger; there is a good amount of info on both of these other aircraft. So much so, that I would recommend picking this title up if you’re building either of these aircraft.

While the English text is limited, there is some included. By far the real value in this title is the color images, and modeling sections.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone interested in modern Japanese aviation, or someone building a model of any one of the three aircraft included in this title.

The book can be purchased from any number of online vendors.

Thank you for Model Art for providing the review sample.


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