Model Art No. 936, March 2016

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April 18, 2016
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Softbound, 10” x 7.1”, 160 pages, Publish Date: March 15, 2016, Japanese with some English subtitles
Company: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
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Model Art Issue 936 is typical of other Model Art magazines in that it is written entirely in Japanese, with occasional English words, usually in article titles or in captions. The Model Art magazine is a monthly issue that has evolved from their first issues in 1966 that focuses on all modeling subjects. I’ve attempted to capture the contents below, but please be aware of translation difficulties. There are about 40 pages of advertising, out of the 160 pages, showing what is available and new, always useful for building up that wish list. Nearly all the articles are supported with color photos. A few of the ongoing series are supported with black and white drawings and photos

This issue features the Kawasaki Ki 61 Hien (Tony) with build reviews of 1/32, 1/48, and 1/72 kits. This feature is accompanied by color photos of what is apparently a restoration of a Ki 61 (Page 20) in addition to period photographs in black and white. Included are some really nice detail photos that illustrate some of the intricacies of the Hien. The 1/32 Hasegawa build review provides some great painting tips, especially on getting the green camouflage on bare metal right. I would have to say my favorite series is the IJN / IJA Airplane Illustrated that highlights aircraft details in color scrap drawings (Page 110) to emphasize what can be barely seen in original black and white photographs.


  • Masahiro Doi Presents Figures on Tanks! (Page 6)
  • Scratch built 1/700 IJN Ataka Gunboat (Page 9)
  • Modeling JASDF: F2B
  • Special Feature: Kawasaki Type 3 Fighter Hien (Page 13)
  • Hien Restoration Project Leader Interview: Hikari Tomita
  • Kawasaki Type 3 Fighter Hien (Tony) Detail Files (Page 20)
  • RS Models 48003 1/48 Ki-61-II Kai Build Review (Page 33)
  • Hasegawa 1/32 Ki 61-I Hei Build Review (Page 39)
  • Hasegawa 1/48 Ki 61-I Hei Build Review
  • Fine Molds Ki 61-II Kai Build Review
  • Aggressor Archive Vol. 13: F-15DJ (Page 53)
  • JGSDF Combat Vehicle Deployment
  • Modeler GP 2015
  • Mission LED Volume 4
  • New Kit Review
  • Bel Kits 1/24 VW Polor 2013 WRC Winner Build Review (Page 79)
  • Rye 1/35 Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. E Sd.Kfz. 181 Tiger I 1943 Build Review
  • Trumpeter 1/35 9A52-2 Smerch Russian Long Range Rocket Launcher Build Review
  • Kitty Hawk 1/32 P-39 Q/ N Airacobra Build Review
  • Airfix 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk I Build Review
  • Tamiya 1/35 Sherman Easy Eight Build Review (Page 103)
  • Aoshima 1/700 USS Wasp (CV-7) / I-19 Build Review
  • IJA / IJN Airplane Illustrated Volume 130 (Page 110)
  • Neo Historic Garage Volume 342: Fujimi 1/24 1987 Suzuki Alto Turbo SX Build Review
  • New in Plastic
  • Book Reviews
  • Model Art R&D: Drift Package Nano, Lancia Delta S4
  • Reader’s Club

I find the Model Art magazines useful, even though I don’t read Japanese. The pictures of the built up models, articles showing the build process, painting features, and historical photography all provide useful information. Model Art magazines are available from Dragon Models USA’s many retailers and from various overseas retailers, such as Hobby Link Japan, Hobby Search 1999 Models, and Lucky Model.

My thanks to Model Art and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this great book.

Highly recommended!


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