Model Art Modeling Magazine No. 55, 2015 Spring Battle of Leyte Gulf Series - Vessel Model Special

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Quarterly Publication, Japanese text (with some English subtitles), A4, 136 pages in color and black and white photos
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Company: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
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This is Model Art Magazine’s special quarterly issue that focuses on naval subjects. As with the regular Model Art Magazine this is printed in Japanese with some English subtitles.

The feature article in the Spring 2015 Vessel Model Special covers the battle of Leyte Gulf / battle of Surigao Strait / Nishimura's fleet. The article is comprised of models of the vessels that were involved. Some the models are shown as full build features and others are static color photos. Included are line drawings of some of these vessels.There are several period black and white photos included along with maps of the battle area.

The rest of the magazine is several short articles. First one is "New kit selection". The models this month are the 1/450 JMSDF DDG Atago, 1/700 USS Ward(DD-139) 1941 and the 1/700 IJN Seaplane Tender Kimikawa - Maru. Next is an article on passenger ships of Japan. There is part 3 on the color of the JMSDF ship. Then you have a detail series that runs in each issue, This time they cover details of Akagi. The last article you find is the Revell archives. This issue they cover the 1/98 Revell PT-212 Patrol Torpedo Boat. This article features several of the box tops from over the years and also includes several photos of the actual kit.

If you are a fan of IJN or JMSDF I recommend this magazine to you. Yes it is in Japanese, but in this day and age of technology there are translators out there that will allow you to read them.

I want to thank Model Art Magazine and IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review this great publication.


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