Model Art Modeling Magazine, #874, August 2013

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Monthly magazine, Japanese text with some English text, color and black and white photos, 160 pgs
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No. 874
Company: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
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The August issue starts off with "Model Art New Item Special Information". They cover a multitude of new kits that have just hit the market or are getting ready to. Some of the kits mentioned are the Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1, Wingnut Wings 1/32 AEG G.IV, Wolfpack 1/48 T-38A, Meng 1/35 T-90A, and Takoma 1/16 Renault FT.

The feature article focuses on IJA aircraft and different techniques that can be used to replicate realism in your models. This article consists of forty pages. A few of the techniques shown are replicating fabric covering, chipped paint, and oil leaks. Of note is one reference picture of wing tip lenses. There is some debate on whether the lenses are green or blue. This is a color photograph and the lens is blue.

Next up is a couple of small articles. One covers a PLAN 054A Frigate in 1/700th scale by Dream Works. The next covers a model show. From the few pictures, this show almost looks like an IPMS/USA Nats. One interesting picture is a replica Type 95 Ha-Go tank that was used in the filming of The Pacific.

Now we come to the reoccurring feature "Modeling the JASDF". This month the Platz 1/72 F-1 is the highlighted model. This is actually a build review verses highlighting an actual aircraft as they have done in prior months.

Following that is a build article on two Porsches. They use the 1/24th Tamiya Porsche RSR Type 934 and Porsche 935 "Martin".

The "New Kit Review" is next. This month's new kits are as follows: AFV 1/35th AEC Armoured Command Vehicle "Dorchester,” Trumpeter 1/35th Soviet 2S3 152mm SPH, Heller 1/35th French VBCI "Afghanistan," Pit Road 1/700th USS BB-46 Maryland 1941, Hobby Boss 1/32nd P-61B Black Widow, and RS Models 1/72nd XP-79B.

The last article is the "Neo Historic Garage.” This is a monthly feature. The kit this month is the Tamiya 1/24th Honda NSX.

The rest of the magazine covers future kit releases, decals, aftermarket parts, and ads for hobby shops.

In closing, I feel that these are great magazines. Yes, they may be in Japanese, but the photography is awesome. I have also discovered a translator app that I can use. There is a loss of translation but you can get the point.

I would like to thank Model Art and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this magazine.


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