Model Art Modeling Magazine, #846, June 2012

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Softcover, 172 pages (including covers), Japanese text
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Provided by: Dragon Models USA - Website: Visit Site

For those who are familiar with Model Art Modeling Magazine, it never disappoints and the June 2012 issue is not an exception. The quality of the images and the wide range of subject matter covered is a hallmark for this magazine. Keep in mind that the publication is printed in Japanese but, as we all know, “a single picture is worth one thousand words” regardless of the language.

This issue begins with a stunning diorama entitled, “Mogami’s Broken Beak”. Using a Tamiya Mikuma, a Pitroad Akashi (Repair Ship), a Fujimi kit of a Japanese naval special auxiliary tanker, and a Hasegawa Japanese sub, this diorama shows a very busy day in the life of the repair crews and their vessels as they struggled to repair the damaged Mogami. This diorama is absolutely fantastic!

Following the Mogami article, a series of short articles feature various auxiliary ships used by the IJN. One seldom sees models of these vessels and the images of these completed models provide an excellent reference for IJN fan.

For the automotive fan, the new Hasegawa Mini Cooper S kit in 1/25th scale is reviewed. This review features color image and lots of detail shots. The Mini Cooper review is followed by a review of the Tamiya T-55 Enigma. Again, the images are stunning.

Aircraft modelers are treated to color reviews of the Great Wall TBD-1 and the Revell Airbus A400M Grizzly in 72nd scale. These are followed by a review of the Italeri 1/72nd scale C-130J, and the Italeri 1/72nd C-27J.

This publication is highly recommended for the breadth of subject matter, the quality of the images, and the outstanding and inspirational modeling that one sees in those images. Thanks to Dragon Models USA for making this publication available to IPMS/USA for review.


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