Model Art Modeling Magazine, #806, October 2010

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October 30, 2010
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#806 October 2010
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Model Art is a well known Japanese model magazine. It is famous for high quality builds and photographs that fully live up to the publication’s name. This issue covers Grand Prix cars from the 1970’s and 1990’s as well as all aircraft of the Japanese Blue Impulse team. Other articles cover the Zvezda 1/48 Bf-109F2; 1/35 JGSDF Type 96 WAPC; 1/48 WWII Japanese Type 94 6-wheel truck; 1/700 USS Independence LCS-2; 1/24 Mazda AZ-1, and a 1985 Mazda RX-7 in 1/24 scale.

The first 40 pages give extensive photographic coverage to Lotus 79 from the 1979 French Grand Prix and the Williams FW14B from the Hungarian Grand Prix 1992. This section has a multitude of photos showing the completed models as well as detail shots of the real cars and photos of the model during construction.

The next 23 pages are devoted to 1/48 scale models of the aircraft used by the Blue Impulse aerobatic team. The Hasegawa kits of the N.A F-86F and the Mitsubishi T-2 and Kawasaki T-4 are all shown as built up models in 1/48. Detail shots of the model as well as those of the actual aircraft are included throughout the article. As well as color profiles of each of the above aircraft are included.

There is also a two page section on various IJA/N aircraft lights and cover styles. These are actual artifacts that still have some original paint on them. These paint examples could be very useful to modelers of WWII Japanese aircraft.

There are shorter articles on the Bf-109F2, Type 96 WAPC, USS Independence, Type 94 truck and the Mazdas. All are illustrated with gorgeous photographs.

The magazine finishes up with previews of many new products from all areas of modeling including kits, decals, books and tools as well as some coverage of model shows in Japan. Lastly there are the many ads from Japanese hobby shops, most with web addresses to help you track down some elusive kits

Like all issues of Model Art, this one too leaves you wishing that either you could read Japanese or that an English language version was available. I can recommend these magazines to all modelers as even with the language barrier, you can find much in these pages to enjoy.

Our thanks to Model Art and Dragon Models USA for the review copy.


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