Model Art Modeling Magazine, #49, Autumn 2013, Special Ship Model Edition

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November 3, 2013
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4910123190938 - 01619
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Softcover, 136 pages, quarterly, Japanese text with some English subtitles, color and b&w photos
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Company: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
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This is Model Art Magazine’s special quarterly issue that focuses on naval subjects. As with the regular Model Art Magazine, this is printed in Japanese with some English subtitles. This special ship model edition focuses on the "Chitose Japanese Navy seaplane carrier type".

This issue starts off with detail drawings of the IJN seaplane carrier Mizuho. They cover such items as the anchor, vents, cleats, portholes and the trim over them, armament, linoleum decks and how they were secured, and armament – very valuable information for modelers. Next is a one-page article on new items that are coming out.

The main feature follows. This consists of sixty-six pages on the Chitose Japanese Navy seaplane carrier type. Several different models are used for this, with in-depth builds. Some of the models used are the Aoshima 1/700 IJN seaplane tenders Chitose and Chiyoda, Aoshima 1/700 Mizuho, Pit Road 1/700 IJN aircraft carrier Chitose, Pit Road IJN aircraft carrier Chiyoda, Pit Road 1/700 IJN seaplane tender Akitsushima, Pit Road 1/700 IJN seaplane tender Kimikawa, and the Frog Foot 1/700 IJN fleet oiler Hayasui. Following the models are fifteen pages of line drawings and period black and white photos.

Next up is the "New Kit Selection." Models in this issue are the Hasegawa 1/450 Yamato, Trumpeter 1/350 USS Indianapolis, and the Mirage 1/400 P-102 (ex-USS Stewart). Following this is a nice diorama featuring two JMSDF vessels (Pit Road 1/350 DD-110 and DD-111) docked. There is a nice color photo feature that looks to be the inspiration for the diorama and nice detail photos of the vessels.

The rest of the magazine consists of several small articles, one of those being "Naval Review of the Imperial Japanese Navy" which has many period black and white photos. The last article is "Revell Archives." This is a continuing series in these issues. This month they cover the USS Halsey Guided Missile Frigate.

Overall, if you have an interest in naval vessels (especially IJN or JMSDF subjects), you would find this issue interesting.

I would like to thank Model Art and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this fine publication.


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