Model Art Modeling Magazine, #47, Spring 2013 – Special Ship Model Edition

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April 5, 2013
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Quarterly, Japanese text with some English subtitles, 136 pages, color and black and white photos
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No. 47
Company: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
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This is Model Art Magazine’s special quarterly issue that focuses on naval subjects. As with the regular Model Art Magazine, this is printed in Japanese with some English subtitles.

This special ship model edition focuses on the “Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands” and the naval vessels involved from both the U.S. Navy and the IJN.

The issue starts off with a two-page article about IJN anchor chain, clevises, and other fittings found on these vessels. The next eighty three pages are dedicated to the “Battle of the Vera Cruz Islands”. Within this article, they use photos of models, period photographs, line drawings, and color artwork for their illustrations.

Following this is a section called “Only Ships – New Items”. They devote several pages to this with a multitude of black and white photos showing all the new ship models and aftermarket that is coming out on the market.

One of last articles is a continuing series called “Revell Archives”. This month’s kit is the N/S Savannah. This was the one of the first commercial nuclear powered ships. I found this interesting, as I had a chance to tour the ship when it was at Patriots Point in South Carolina back in the mid-80s. The N/S Savannah is now moored in Baltimore, Maryland.

Overall, if you have an interest in naval vessels, especially IJN subjects, you would find this issue interesting.

I would like to thank Model Art and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this fine magazine.


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