Model Art Modeling Magazine, #45, Autumn 2012 – Special Ship Model Edition

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Softcover, size A4, 136 color pages and black and white, Japanese text
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This special issue of Model Art Modeling Magazine has two features that cover the genealogy of Japanese submarine depot ships and the history of Japanese escort vessels. There are two other smaller articles included. One is titled “Lets make the Special naval review of the Imperial Japanese Navy on Japanese Imperial reign 2600 ceremony,” and an article titled “Revell Archives.”

In the first feature, “Genealogy of Japanese Submarine Depot Ships,” there are several articles that cover the available model kits of these vessels. Also included are period photos and line drawings of these ships with what seems to be a description or history (here’s where the lack on my part of being able to read Japanese to know exactly what this section deals with). The last part of the feature is a conversion of Hasegawa’s 1/350 Hikawa-Maru to the Auxiliary Submarine Depot Ship Heian-Maru. This section finishes out with a poster of what appears to the Submarine Depot Ship Taigei.

The second feature covers the “History of Japanese Escort Vessels.” As with the Submarine Depot Ships from the first feature, they use a multitude of models to represent the different vessels. Almost all the models they use are in 1/700th scale. There is one in-depth build in which they use the 1/350th Escort Vessel Ukuru, no manufacturer given. From the pictures used, it appears that this vessel is still in existence today. The next part in this feature has period photos and line drawings dating from 1887 up through the 1950’s of coastal defense ships. The feature concludes with a small article on the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency Patrol Vessel PL Ojika Class in 1/700th scale.

Following this second feature, there is a short article about the “Naval Review of the Imperial Japanese Navy”. Several period photos are included, along with maps that appear to have some type of patrol grid on them.

The last section is called Revell Archives. In this section, there is an article about FDNY’s fire boat “The Firefighter.” I find this an interesting article to be included with the subject matter. I did a little research on this fire boat and found that it was put into service in 1938 and retired in 2010. This fireboat fought over fifty fires in its career and even participated on that fateful day on September 11, 2001, pumping water when the water mains failed.

Even though the text is in Japanese, I thoroughly enjoy this magazine series. The pictures are beautifully taken and make it easy to follow along. I would like to thank IPMS/USA and Model Art Modeling Magazine for the opportunity to be able to review this magazine.


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