Model Art Auto Modeling, #855, October 2012 – Special Auto Modeling, Vol. 27

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Softcover, size A4, 139 color and b&w pages, Japanese text with some English subtitles
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#855, Vol. 27
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Let me start by saying that this review really took me out of my comfort zone. I am not a car modeler by any scope, but I feel that with reviewing this magazine it gave me a better appreciation for car models.

In this special of Model Art, the focus is primarily on the F1 series race car. Now, all of the F1 fans please be gentle with me as I give my review, as I am doing my best to interpret Japanese on a subject I know little about.

The issue starts off with coverage of Champion machines from 2006 - 2011. They use three different model manufacturers (Studio 27, Fujimi, and Minichamps diecast) to represent the winners. All the models are in 1/20th scale except for the Minichamps in 1/18th scale.

The next section has cars that participated in individual races such as the USA GP, Malaysian GP, and the Japan GP. The models reviewed in this section come from Silver Line (1/43rd), Studio27 (1/20th), FS-Model (1/20th), Fujimi (1/20th), Monopost (1/20th), and model Factory HIRO (1/20th).

There are about thirty pages covering the differences of the Team Lotus Type 72 Ford. This is covered with line drawings and photos of models showing the differences. The section concludes with two model builds. In the first build, they use the EBBRO 1/20 Plastic Kit: Team Lotus type 72C 1970. The second built is done using the Model Factory HIRO 1/20 Multi-Material Kit: Team Lotus Type 72 E.

The last section covers three cars that raced in a GT-1 race in 1965. The first model they review is a Fujimi 1/24 injection kit: Honda S800 Conversion. The next kit is the GSI Creos 1/24 injection kit: Lotus Elan S3 Conversion. And to finish it out is the Fujimi 1/24 injection kit: Toyota Sports 800 Ukiya Tojiro 1965. All of these models are shown being built.

To finish the magazine, they have a new kit review. The first is kind of funny to me, at least. It is a review on a London Bus by Revell in 1/24th scale. It is a great-looking model, but with the content of this issue it is like brown shoes worn with a tuxedo. The next review kit is more suitable – the Pescarlo-Judd 01 LMP1 2011 by Simil R 1/24th.

Overall, I enjoyed doing the review on this magazine. It gave me a different perspective. I would recommend it to any F1 fan.

I would like to thank IPMS/USA and Model Art for allowing me the opportunity to do this review


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