Model Art - Air Model Special No. 06: IJN Zero Carrier Fighter II

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Model Art has long set the standard for excellence when it comes to covering modeling subjects related to Japanese military history. Model Art No. 06 is no exception, covering the Mitsubishi Zero variants, such as the A6M3, A6M5, A6M5 Night Fighter, A6M5C, A6M7, and A6M8. While coverage of the Zero variants dominates this issue, there are some other aircraft highlighted in some short “build” articles as well.

Beginning on page 96, Model Art changes the era of coverage from WWII to modern times with a great article on a 1/32 scale F-104J in JASDF markings. Eight pages filled with excellent images provide the reader with a visual “how-to” for a natural-metal paint scheme and some super detailing on the engine and in the cockpit.

The new Freedom Models 1/48 scale UCAS X-47B is featured in a four-page “how-to” article. Again, the photographs are excellent and very instructive, and they are especially helpful with the paint scheme and markings placement.

A four-page article featuring an F-16CJ (Block 50) fighter in 1/72 scale follows the same pattern as the previous two articles. Some excellent photographs showcase the detail in the main wheel wells and the cockpit.

The final article features a “how-to” for the Italeri 1/48 scale MH-60K Converted. A number of detail photographs of a real MH-60K are followed by images of a kit being detailed based on those references.

Throughout this publication the stunning modeling revealed in the excellent images will serve as a resource for those wishing to build a Zero, an F-104J, an X-47B, an F-16CJ, and an MK-60K.

Thanks to Model Art for supplying this publication for review by IPMS/USA. This publication is highly recommended for the quality of the photographs and the high level of modeling skill exhibited in those images.


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