Model Art, #813, Tamiya Color Guide

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96 pp, 25.7 x 18.2 x 0.8 cm, printed color chips & 60 real color chips
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Company: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Dragon Models USA - Website: Visit Site
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Basically, this is a catalog of the Tamiya Paint line in a soft bound, in a ninety-six page format. The book is in Japanese; however there are English captions under the paint chips. The book is divided into sections of colors for cars, metallic’s, clear coats, primary colors and AFV’s/aircraft/ships by nationality.

Also included are photo instructions of masking techniques for those modelers who don’t have an airbrush but rely on hand brushing and spray cans. They are broken down into aircraft, armor and ships. As an added plus there are pictures of their fine line of tools, tape, weathering kits.

This book would be very welcome to any modeler who uses Tamiya paint. It’s a handy reference to have on hand before going down to the local hobby shop or ordering mail order because you know what color you will want and its number.

The book is printed on a high quality smooth paper that gives the viewer an accurate view of what the paint will look like when it’s applied to the model. Of special interest are the pages of paint types. It seems that Tamiya has a line of paint called Tamiya/Pactra in the small bottles and the sets that Pactra introduced several years ago. It also shows that Tamiya colors are available in a couple of different sized bottles that the ones we’re used to. Possibly they are only available in Japan.

This is a very nice publication with only two drawbacks. One, it is in Japanese. The second one is the price. These two interact with each in such a way that the average modeler won’t be interested in it unless they only paint with Tamiya Products.

I wish to thank IPMS for allowing me to review this book and Model Art for furnishing it.


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