Model Aircraft Extra No.7 – Building the P-47 Thunderbolt

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Compiled by Andy Evans
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Fourteen showcase and step by step model builds
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Model Aircraft Extra #7
Company: MA Publications, Ltd. - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: MA Publications, Ltd. - Website: Visit Site
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This is the 7th volume in a newish series from MA Publications, the British publisher of Scale Aviation Modeller International, Model Aircraft, and Scale Military Modeller. Each of the issues of this series includes multiple build articles, centered on one particular aircraft type. In this case, the P-47 is covered in 1/72, 1/48, 1/32 and 1/24 scales. The booklet starts out with a six-page history of the P-47, including some good photos of operational aircraft. This is followed by 16 build articles.

Each of the articles reads very much like the build reviews one can find in magazines by the same publisher. A good variety of scales and markings are presented, and the kits used are from Revell, Monogram, Hasegawa, Tamiya, Academy, Trumpeter and Kinetic. Some interesting marking choices are shown, including German, Brazilian and Soviet (in addition to USAAF). Although these are like articles found in magazines, in my opinion many of these were a little too short or just lacking in enough detail. For instance, I was happy to see an article on a P-47 in USSR markings, but disappointed to find no information about any modifications or additions made to the model (like where did that ADF loop behind the cockpit come from?). The models were all built to high standards, and there are descriptions of paints/decals used, but I found myself wanting to know more about the build process. Production quality is quite high, and everything inside was very nice to look through. It just left me wanting more substance.

There are 6 previous volumes in this series, and at least one more available for pre-order. I like the concept behind these but do hope they will flesh out the articles a bit more. I cannot see this being a stand-alone reference for those building any of the subject kits, but it may well provide good inspiration.

Thanks to Casemate for the review copy, and to IPMS for allowing me to review it!


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