Model Aircraft Extra - Building the Harrier

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Softbound, 80 pages, color pictures and B&W line drawings.
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Model Aircraft Extra No. 5
Provided by: Model Aircraft Magazine - Website: Visit Site
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Model Aircraft Magazine now has a new series on “Building the…” a specific aircraft. The 5th installment of this series covers the Hawker Siddeley Harrier (previous installments cover the Fw-190, Bf-109, P-51, F-4 Phantom).

In particular in this issue you have articles covering

  • First Generation - Harrier Duo - 1:48 Monogram AV-8As
  • Artic Harrier - 1:48 Eduard Harrier GR.7/9
  • SHAR School - 1:48 Kinetic Harrier T.8
  • So Long SHAR - 1:48 Kinetic Harrier F/A-2
  • Vertical Reality - 1:48 Kinetic Harrier F/A-2
  • VSTOL Raider - 1:48 Kinetic Harrier II Plus
  • Falklands Fighter - Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS.1
  • Artic Training - 1:48 Kinetic Harrier T.4
  • Marines Mover - 1:72 Airfix AV-8A
  • Hover and Out - 1:48 Kinetic Sea Harrier F/A-2
  • Spanish Matador - 1:72 Airfix AV-8S
  • Harrier in Helmand - 1:72 Airfix Harrier GR.7/9
  • Step-by-Step SHAR - 1:48 Airfix Sea Harrier F/A-2

In addition to all those articles, there are 6 photographic references for different deployments or users, line drawings (1/72 scale) for the Sea Harrier F/A-2 and a well written, although high level, introduction to the history of the airframe.

All the articles are build articles, review type in some cases, with hints and tips as to how to assemble the model, while others articles focus more in the painting and weathering techniques. All articles are lavishing coved with high resolution color pictures as you are accustomed from Model Aircraft Magazine.

If you are an aircraft modeler, you will enjoy this issue. If you are a Harrier fan, you will love it.


I would like to thank Model Aircraft Magazine and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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