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June 28, 2015
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The Mk. 20 Rockeye II (also known as the CBU-100 cluster bomb) is an American designed cluster bomb. The Rockeye II is intended for use against armored targets and each canister includes 247 anti-armor bomblets. The Rockeye was first used in Vietnam and has been steadily modified and improved over the years since. The Rockeye was used extensively by American forces in Desert Storm to attack Iraqi vehicles.’

The set consists of 6 resin Rockeyes, 6 resin nose caps, a photo-etch fret with 6 brass endplates and a very comprehensive decal sheet. After washing the resin to remove any mold release residue, construction starts with removing the Rockeyes from the casting blocks. This is fairly easily accomplished with a good razor saw, but be careful when sanding down the remnants of the casting stubs at the aft end of the Rockeyes. If you don’t keep the end even or straight, it will be very obvious when the endplate is installed as it will not sit perpendicular to the body of the Rockeye. Painting the Rockeyes is very easy as all of the photos I was able to find show the weapon to be white overall. Once the Rockeyes are painted, you have to make a decision on how you are going to display them as the set includes the nose caps that cover the nose fuse on the actual Rockeye. However, as the caps are not hollow, if you want to display the weapon with the nose cap installed, you will need to cut off a portion of the nose in order to attach the nose cap. As shown in the photographs, I did 3 with the nose cap and 3 without to show the difference. Again, if you are going to use the nose caps, check your references as while the instructions and most photographs show red nose caps, I did find some photographs with a different color nose cap. If you elect not to use the nose cap, the nose fuse will need to be painted aluminum.

As with the other Brassin sets, the Rockeyes come with a very comprehensive decal sheet. There are 8 different decals to be put on each Rockeye, some of which are actually in 2 multiple places. The decals settle right down and conform to the castings’ details with the use of MicroSet and MicroSol.

This is another highly recommended set and will add some outstanding details to aircraft from Vietnam War to date.

Thank you to Eduard for the review set and to IPMS-USA for letting me review it.


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