Mk. 103 German 30mm Cannon Detail Sets

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October 10, 2018
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Master Models has released another great set, this I a barrel and muzzle set for the German Mk. 103 30mm cannon used in WWII. It was used primarily for “tank-busting” but could be used in air to air situation also. It was used on the following planes:

  • Fw 190F-8 - Two, 1 in the gun pod under each wing
  • Hs 129B-2 - One in the pod under the fuselage in the front part
  • Me 410B-6/R3 - Pair in the nose
  • Ho 229 V3 - Pair in the nose
  • Do.335 A-1 - Single center-mounted cannon through the prop hub
  • Do.335 A-0 - Single center-mounted cannon through the prop hub

The Henschel HS-129 was the primary user and already having the great Hasegawa kit, I jumped at the chance to review the set.

In the package, you receive two sets of brass barrels, two adaptor rings and two different types of muzzles of two each. As you can see by the pictures, the muzzles are cast in such a way that they are empty (you can see through the openings) which is correct and a fantastic detail.

Using them is easy, assemble the barrel and adapter ring and add your choice of a muzzle. Paint the barrel (gunmetal was my choice). Drill a 0.8 mm hole where the gun attaches and glue in place. Flat coat and you’re done. You can see by the detail and comparison pictures that this is a great upgrade.

Highly recommended. Simple to use, accurate and very well made. Absolutely no reason not to run out and get a set.

My thanks to Master Models and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this item.


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