Mitsubishi A6M Zero

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Artur Juszczak
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Big Yellow Series, Hardback, 116 pages, English text, Full Color illustrations

Considered by many to be the most famous aircraft used by the Japanese in World War II, the Zero is the subject of hundreds of books. And yet, with all of the information already available on the A6M this book, illustrated and authored by Artur Juszczak will make an excellent addition to your research library.

The advertising literature for this publication indicates that drawings and data have been pulled from original technical manuals, with dimensional details and images gathered from surviving airframes located in museums. These pictures and details cover the aircraft inside and out.

I found that the advertising for this book was quite accurate. The images are outstanding and will prove very helpful to the modeler, showing interior and exterior colors, color demarcation lines. The book goes far beyond what one would expect after having read the advertising.

The book, of course, covers a number of A6M models. Included on this list are the A6M2a Model 11, A6M2b Model 21, A6M3 Model 32, A6M3 Model 22, A6M3 Model 22a, A6M5 Model 52, A6M5a Model 52a, A6M5b Model 52b, A6M5c Model 52c, A6M6c Model 53c, A6m7 Model 63 and the A6M8 Model 64. The book is further organized by areas of the airframe, with each “chapter” covering details related to the fuselage, wings, canopy, cockpit, engine, tail, undercarriage and armament. There is also a chapter covering fuselage markings used on the A6M2 Zero in service with aircraft carrier units.

Included as illustrations within the book are some 35 line drawings, all in 1/48th scale. These line drawings, along with the many detailed images of various parts of the aircraft are a great resource for the modeler.

I highly recommend this publication, and in fact, label it as a ”Must Have” addition to the library. Mushroom Models Publications never disappoints, and this offering, I’m quite sure, will be well received by the modeling public and aviation enthusiasts. Thanks to Mushroom Models for this review sample and congratulations on a book well written.


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