Mission Models Pearl Paint Colors

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May 8, 2020
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MMP-156, MMP-157, MMP-158, MMP-160, MMP-161
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Mission Models Pearl Paint Colors

Mission Models Paints Pearl Colors

Mission Model Paints has released some beautiful new Pearl colors to their excellent line of acrylic paints. The Pearl colors have a translucent pearl-like depth and luster. MMP has also issued iridescent color paints that seem to change color when seen from different angles.

The Pearl paints are like Mission Models other water-based acrylics that are odorless, fast drying, don’t clog airbrush tips, and produce a smooth, durable finish. Information on Mission Model Paints is available on their website. Click here for a full IPMS review of Mission Model Paints.

Colors included with this review sample:

  • MMP-145 Pearl Solid Gold
  • MMP-146 Pearl Deep Charcoal
  • MMP-147Pearl Deep Blue
  • MMP-149 Pearl Copper
  • MMP-150 Pearl Deep Black
  • MMP-152 Pearl Wild Berry
  • MMP-153 Pearl Kiwi Lime
  • MMP-154 Pearl Root Beer Brown

Paint Application

The Pearl colors mix just like MMP’s other colors. I used a mix of 1 part MMP thinner to 5 parts paint for the review samples. I applied the paints in four thin, wet coats. The paints were applied over Mission Model’s Gloss White Base MMGWB-002, Gloss Black Base MMGBB-001, or Chrome Paint MMC-001. MMP’s Polyurethane Additive was used over the chrome base at a ratio of 3/2/10 thinner/poly/paint. The paint was also applied to the black caps of the MMP bottles which obviously made the color appear much darker.

I let the paint dry for a few minutes between coats until the wet sheen disappeared. All of these paint samples are metallic and have a sheen which is more apparent in the lighter colors. The pigment grain on all of the colors is very fine and will look nice as scale automotive finishes. The paint dries to a satin sheen even when used without the poly additive.

I applied Mission Model’s Gloss Clear Coat MMA-006 on some of the paint samples. The Clear Coat further emphasized the Pearl colors.

Paint Colors

MMP-145 Pearl Solid Gold & MMP-149 Pearl Copper

The Solid Gold is a yellow gold with a very fine grain. Pearl Copper has a slight reddish tint, but looks to be more brass than a true copper color.

MMP-146 Pearl Deep Charcoal & MMP-150 Pearl Deep Black

These two blacks are both metallic colors. Charcoal Black has a silver pigment component that is visible when mixing, and the dried paint has a cool silver tint. The Pearl Deep Black has a gold pigment that is apparent when mixing and has a very slight warm gold tint when dry. Both of these are beautiful colors, with Charcoal just slightly lighter than Deep Black.

MMP-152 Pearl Wild Berry & MMP-153 Pearl Kiwi Lime

These are both bright almost florescent colors with a deep sheen due to the pearl finish.

MMP-147 Pearl Deep Blue & MMP-154 Pearl Root Beer Brown

Deep Blue and Root Beer Brown are rich colors. The Blue is a cool royal blue and the warm Root Beer Brown varies from light to dark depending on the angle viewed.


These are some excellent new colors that produce beautiful pearl-like deep finishes. The paints are easy to use and produce a very fine grain in the metallic finishes. Model car builders can use these paints to produce deep colors with very fine grain. Gloss finishes with the acrylic paints are easier to produce as the paints are quick drying to reduce exposure to surface contaminates.

Thanks to Mission Models for making these paints and supplying review samples to IPMS.


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