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March 21, 2021
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New Releases

This review looks at four new releases from the Mission Models product line. They are:

  • MMP-139 RAL 7017 Dunkelbraun
  • MMP-140 RAL 7016 Anthrazitgrau
  • MMP-132 US Navy Flight Deck Blue 21
  • MMP-169 Transparent Green

Mission Models paints are a non-solvent acrylic-based paint, which are ‘airbrush ready’ and produce a flat finish. The product line consists of a wide array of colors, thinners, finishing coats & supplies. Since prior reviews have covered how to use Mission Models paints, I will forego repeating that.

Some features I have come to really like about Mission Models paints are: bottle contains a “rattle ball” which ensures good paint mixture; some of the bottles have a flip cap which is great for counting/measuring drops of paint you add to your pan; the website contains a very good FAQ, which offers plenty of tips for using their products.

Since these colors would be used mostly for military models (German armor, naval ships) I had to think how I should test them considering I had no naval ships or armor models in process.

For testing, I created swatches that measure approximately 4.25” x 2”. I used a clean styrene sheet, which I first primed with Tamiya gray. Air pressure was set at 20psi. Each swatch was sufficiently opaque and well-covered within three passes of the airbrush. Each pass was allowed to dry before the next one was applied.

Since the transparent green is also ‘airbrush ready’, I spayed it onto a clear plastic spoon. Only two passes were needed to produce a beautiful green finish. The paint leveled very nicely! When it was dry, I we very impressed with how even and translucent the paint was.

From my experience with these colors from other paint lines—both acrylic and enamel—I found them to be spot-on.

I highly recommend Mission Models paints to all model builders. I have used them for a few years and I have never been disappointed. They continue to grow their product line & continually have new offerings, and there is a high degree of consistency with their paints.

Thank you to IPMS for the opportunity, and thank you to Mission Models for the review samples.


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