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What do you get when you give a Revell designer free reign on coming up with a design for a Pro Gasser style car? Nothing….absolutely nothing. At least not anything that has ever driven down the ¼ mile strip at any race track on this green Earth. Does that make it a bad thing? Not at all. What you get is a supposedly 1953 Studebaker body done in fiberglass that can pull wheelies at any light! Not a bad promo idea. Let’s paint it in a two tone metallic green and blue and call it “Miss Deal” and add a five Ace card hand on the rear fenders to cement the name home! Way to go!

This is what appears to have been done by Revell back in the 70s. While the idea may have come from the real vehicle “Suicide King”, no one is really sure. The box art is most impressive and who doesn’t love seeing a car pulling a wheelie coming off the line at a race?

This is a Revell re-release, with the first release coming out in the 1970s. Revell has titled this as a SSP release. This means Selected Subjects Program that contains the original release parts. That is neat. Inside the box you get a nice pamphlet style instruction and painting guide, three white sprues, one chrome sprue, a decal sheet and a small sheet of clear acetate for the front windscreen. This totals to a whopping 74 parts.

Looking over the instructions, it appears to be a simple quick build. The gasser enthusiast will definitely want to add all kinds of wires and tubing to really dress up the chassis. Since the body is designed to be lifted and show off the interior, it is almost mandatory to do so.

I would like to thank Revell for re-releasing and providing this kit for review. While not my cup of tea, it is most impressive looking. Thanks for IPMS/USA for allowing me to review this kit and allow it to be published. The neat thing is that it is already a fake car so you can do anything your heart desires! You can add a different engine to a different paint scheme and markings.


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