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April 28, 2011
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Base Kit
Warsaw Pact Mig-23M & MF
Company: Linden Hill Imports - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Linden Hill Imports - Website: Visit Site
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For the IPMS build involving various aftermarket parts for the Trumpeter Mig 23, I did not want to do the kit decal markings for the “M”. Therefore, I ordered the Linden Hill Warsaw Pact decal from Linden Hill imports. I told Guy at LHI I was doing the review and he threw in the second sheet (32012) for the ML, MLP, LMA, etc., as flown in Afghanistan and other places. Those will be used in a separate review later. Extreme thanks to Guy at LHI for providing us these items for review. We at IPMS USA appreciate the serious, undying support of distributors like you!

I finished the build and proceeded to painting and decals. LHI decals are truly great; they work without setting solutions over gloss, and are accurate. The instructions are particularly well researched, and answer all the questions. I did not have access to Russian T.O. guidance for paint, so resorted to Mk 1 eyeball and photographs (along with a bit of memory) to paint the jet. The decals are flawless, and it’s a pity I don’t have cash (or space) for some of the different schemes. I opted for “Blue 92”, as it had the regimental badge on the intake.

Final verdict: LHI quality decals have proven themselves over the past few years; I only hope we will continue to see more!


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