Mig-21MF/SMT Exhaust

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August 20, 2011
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Eduard Hobby Accessories Mig21MF and SMT kits
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Eduard extends it Brassin range of excellent resin parts with a replacement exhaust for their Mig21MF and SMT kits. This resin and photoetch set is comprised of seven perfectly cast resin parts and one photoetch piece.

There are some minor casting blocks to remove which may take up to 3 minutes to get done. Detail is excellent on all the parts. There are two resin parts which are installed inside the actual exhaust. These fit together and one has a series of 10 arms that stick out from the center hub. This was very difficult to get loose without breaking the resin. In the end I did break three and have to replace with styrene scrap. This part then aligns on top of the other which takes a little patience.

The great thing about resin exhausts is that the main tube is a single part and there is not seam and this one fits that to a tee. The rest of the assembly is easy and once painted, you are ready to put in the fuselage. I did run into a little trouble here as the resin part is slightly larger. I ground off the sides near the fan portion and then had to remove the arms that held the back ring- you couldn't see them anyway so it really didn't hurt the look. The nozzle portion of the set is a jewel and really makes the back of the kit look great.

My thanks to all the great people at Eduard for allowing us to review this set. It is recommended to add that final detail to an excellent kit.


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