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Eduard MiG-21
Company: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
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Hot on the heels of Eduard's excellent MiG-21 releases, Aires has produced a set of wheel wells for the kit. The set comprises two parts, the main wheel wells and the front wheel well. Parts are cast perfectly with only some small casting blocks to remove. The detail improvement is obvious in the pictures.

Installing the main well is simplicity itself. After removal of the casting block, the part slides into the space for the kit part and the fit is excellent. Some of the kit parts are added to finish it with only one cut needed.

The front gear requires surgery. First, you need to cut the front part of the cockpit off where the kit bay sits. This is simple, with good instructions and location to cut. A few swipes of a saw and you're done. When I fit the well in, it wouldn't fir and it still ran into the cockpit. I sanded off a small portion of the back and it was still off. To get it to fit, I had to grind the scoop area in the front of the wheel bay paper-thin. In hindsight, it might have been best to remove that area, as the Aires part represents it very well.

The finished parts of this will be found in the build of the Eduard MiG21SMT version. Aires did a great job replicating the internal detail of the wheel bays and this set adds that little extra for the MiG releases. Recommended with the caveat that it will take a little work to get the nose gear well to fit. Many thanks to David Lajer and Aires for the review sample.


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