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Eduard MiG-21
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This set is designed to fit Eduard’s new MiG-21 kit. The package includes two complete sets of gear, so you can outfit two kits. Each set includes left and right main gear legs (with helpful tabs marked “L” and “R” at the top), a scissor link for each of the main gear struts, two main gear retraction struts, and two-piece nose gear.

The parts are drop-in replacements for Eduard’s kit parts, although I had to do a little filing and sanding to get the kit wheels to slide onto the main gear axles, which are keyed just like the kit parts to ensure that the wheels are correctly orientated. I also had to do some work on the scissor links to get them to fit correctly as the gap in the center of each connection point was a little narrower than the mounting points. The castings are nicely done and require just a little clean up on the casting seams. I cleaned the seams up using a Xacto knife and sandpaper. I then used a brass wire wheel in my battery operated Dremel tool at slow speed to polish up the struts and finish smoothing out the casting seams.

Take your time and dry fit the main gear struts to the wings before committing to glue as I found them to be a little looser in fit than the kit parts, but by using slower setting superglue I was able to get them in the right place and aligned before the glue set.

I had to file away a little bit of the aft attachment point on the nose strut as initially, I could get either the fork to close around the nose tire or the front part of the fork to meet, but not both. After a little filing, I was able to get both sides to fit.

I primed the struts with Tamiya white primer and then painted them in accordance with Eduard’s kit instructions as the color of the struts depends on what aircraft you are modeling, some are natural metal, some are light grey and in my case, they are light blue.

This is a nice set and I greatly appreciated the fact that there are two sets included as I managed to lose the kit nose strut for another Eduard MiG-21 I had just finished, so it was nice to have a ready replacement!

This is a nice set and highly recommended.

Thank you to Scale Aircraft Conversions and IPMS-USA for the review sample.


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