MiG-15 & MiG-15BIS Gun Barrel Set / Antenna Base / Pitot Tube

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June 13, 2019
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Base Kit
any 1/144th scale MiG-15 & MiG-15BIS
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In southeastern Poland runs the beautiful, but powerful San River. The San winds its way through the steep mountain gorges on its way to the Vistula River. Before it gets there, the river widens and is used by a number of hamlets along its banks to power various watermills and all manner of machinery. Some of that machinery is diminutive lathes and the other assorted machines common to a tool and die maker. It is within this environment that we find ourselves in the company of a number of gnomes working diligently on various tasks. It is this skilled work force that Master Model of Poland utilizes to manufacture their ever-expanding line of small scale, after-market brass replacement parts.

One of Master Model's newer items is a set of gun barrels (three), antenna base, and pitot tube for a 1/144th scale MiG-15. While these items will work nicely for any small scale kit, the one kit that I immediately thought of is the lovely series of MiG-15 offerings from Eduard, for which this particular set of brass replacement parts seems to have been designed.

Along with an antenna base and the pitot tube you also will receive a 37mm cannon barrel and two 23mm cannon barrels. These brass parts are direct replacements for the kit supplied items, which makes using that much easier. All you really need do is drill out the mounting points on the kit. Master Model has suggestions for the proper bit size to aid in that endeavor.

It should be noted that the gnomes hollowed out the muzzles of all three cannon barrels and even milled the cooling holes/vents on the 37mm gun barrel. Amazing! The only thing you need concern yourself with is the size of these brass replacement parts are they are itty-bitty and you might just loose them forever if you don't handle them with care. The easiest course of action may be to glue the gun barrel faring to the model first, snip off the plastic barrel, drill out a mounting hole in each, and then glue in the brass replacement part.

As evidenced by the photos, there really is no contest between the kit supplied parts and the bits from Master Model. These brass replacement parts from Master Model will add an extra, potentially award-winning touch to your next small scale MiG-15 project.

My thanks to Master Model and IPMS/USA for the review copy. Support Your Local Hobby Shop.


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